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A Dynamic Future

Q. The beef industry as experienced rapid and substantial change in the past decade.  As we look towards the future, what changes in production and marketing might have large effects on selection in beef cattle?

The beef industry is becoming more integrated.  Currently, this integration is not in the same forms as seen in the poultry and swine industries; yet, alliances and networks are using business linkages to reduce production expenses, add value, and exploit market niches.  The value of information is increasing.
Q. How might future changes in the beef industry affect the sharing of information; particularly as it applies to information used to predict genetic merit?

Q. What new developments in genetic technology might have major impacts on:

  1. How animals are tested?
  2. How data is stored or shared?
  3. How animals are produced?

Currently, breed associations have major responsibilities related to the collection and storage of pedigree and phenotypic information, and in the computation and communication of EPD.
Q. What changes should be anticipated in the function of breed associations related to DNA tests, selection, and genetic improvement?

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