The Beef Improvement Federation (BIF) has established a Commission on DNA Markers to provide guidance to BIF to ensure the most benefit for the beef industry from DNA technology.

The Commission created this blog to gather input from all persons interested in beef cattle improvement.  The information gathered here will influence BIF policy deliberations and, equally important, will help guide the strategy for producer educational programming on this important topic.

To participate in the blog, please click on a “category” from the list on the right.  Once at the category page, please review the question (s) and click on the “comment” link at the bottom of the page to create and submit a comment.

If you have any problems submitting your comments please send an email to

This blog will operate for at least one month, leading up to the BIF Convention in Calgary, Alberta, Canada June 30 – July 3, 2008.



  1. J. Jefferies said

    Interesting Concept…..

    My 2 cents – The trouble with this blog as a source for stakeholder comments is that 99.999% of Cowmen don’t blog or make comments to web-based questionnaires. It’s simply outside of the cattleman’s ethos. You will be getting the same people who send in comments that may or may not be actual producers and the silent majority will have no voice. Maybe some day this type of information gathering will work in the beef industry, but probably not in my lifetime. Interesting concept though.

  2. Neil said

    I think that 99% is probably a number that is decresing and in the future more and more cattleman will tune in to using the web as a for of communication and information but that blogging is not really in their nature.
    As a matter of fact this is my first blog that I have written although I have been using the internet for years.
    I would like to see some cross comparison to the major DNA tests to actual data. In other words genestar, Igenity and mmi tests on all of the same cattle and print carcass data and WBS shearforce data and also compate the reads on the new infra red inline tenderness test results. And maybe compare the feed efficiecy DNA test results to the GrowSafe feed efficiency data like the Midland bull test used this year. Is any one else thinking about this?

  3. bifdna said

    The above two commenters are right — blogging does not seem to be a common way for cattlemen to communicate. Thanks to both of you for helping to break the ice.
    Regarding the comment about comparing DNA marker information to actual progeny test information (for tenderness, feed efficiency, etc.), this is what the validation process is designed to do. Validation is best accomplished using a reference population with known family structure (and the corresponding objective trait data to which the DNA test results can be compared). Pragmatic cattle breeders probably will not embrace DNA testing in a major way until they see the side-by-side comparison between progeny test data and DNA marker information — with the comparison done by a financially disinterested third party and, ideally, repeated in several populations and several locations to lend credibility to the results.

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